About us

Metro Career Solution Private Limited’s is established to providing HR Solutions to young talents and young companied in India. It is a combined undertaking of experienced HR Professionals, Engineers & Masters. We maintain a very healthy relationship between an employee and an employer. We are the bridge between both of them and their employment needs.

We provide recruitment services like campus selection, conduct personal interviews on behalf of corporate and even provide training and skill development for our clients. We are executive recruiter and manpower staffing firm very much recognizable amongst the corporate and candidates. Infosys has earned this appreciation by providing excellent customer satisfaction and proficient workforce to different corporate sector, consisting of various types industries.

We do very well understand your manpower requirement and we work hard in procuring employees as per your profile and constructing trust in our relationships. With due course of time in this particular industry, we have experienced that in present

scenario, more efficient, productive and trustworthy employees are demanded in comparison with trained labour.

We are not stuck in that old conventional way of headhunting but we have adopted many innovative means of communicating and procuring right candidate for right job. Our experts trust in utilizing modern digital technologies and focus on online media to ensure that our clients obtain perfect candidates for its profile.

Our exceptional and valuable services ensure ideal match between our corporate and our candidates, taking into account values, ethics, mission and culture of our clients, along with qualifications. Ample candidates are available in our country for diverse vacancies but we know how to provide extraordinary ones and where to find them.

We have adopted favorable interview tactic and elimination phase is conducted by the industry experts and professionals. Our corporate need not waste its productive time in finding right candidate, for this we offer them candidates of the utmost quality among the best available in the industry. We provide elite class services and facilities to our corporate, irrespective of fact that how the big or small a corporate and our agreement is.

Infosys is the perfect place where you can find all types of candidates right from grass-root point till top level management’s position for your company. We are a perfect match in getting a perfect match for you.